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Free WhatsApp Button for Websites

Capture Visitor Contacts

Author: José Fernando
Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In this article I'm going to show you how you can have a free WhatsApp button for websites and increase your website visitor engagement.

We receive messages on WhatsApp all the time, regardless of how many contacts we have in our agenda. Want an example, count how many messages you receive while reading this text and you will almost certainly be tempted to open them.

With more than 5 billion downloads on the Google store, WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world, being present in around 99% of active smartphones in the world. More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp in over 180 countries.

That's exactly why it's important for you to have on your website a way to chat via WhatsApp with your visitor or customer and, at the same time, capture their contacts to expand your digital marketing strategy. Keep reading as I'm going to show you how you can create a floating button for your website.

What will you see in this article

What is the WhatsApp Button?

MVMCloud has created a tool that helps you to create a very simple and free floating WhatsApp button to install on your website. In addition to allowing conversations with your visitor, it also captures their contacts, name, surname, email, and WhatsApp number, you receive them in the email you registered when you generated the button.

Talk to the visitor when he is paying attention to your website.

Think that your website pages are showcases displaying your products or services. While the visitor is searching your site, or just "taking a peek", your competitor may be in the other open tab. For this reason, it is important to have a quick communication channel to clear up doubts and objections before they look elsewhere for what they want.

With this in mind, MVMCloud created the Free WhatsApp Button for Sites. It allows you to install a clickable icon, with the WhatsApp logo or whatever you want, on any page of your website. When the visitor clicks or hovers over the button, a form opens for him to provide contact information and send a message to his WhatsApp.

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And Receive In Your E-mail.

What can be customized

The button has several properties that you can use to customize it, for example, contact form colors, title, welcome message, field names and more. In addition, the behavior of the button can also be customized, for example, if the form will open automatically a few seconds after the visitor arrives on the page, if the fields with his data are mandatory or not. If you prefer, you can simply disable contact capture and let the visitor go straight to WhatsApp.

The button works both on mobile devices and desktop, if the visitor is using a cell phone or tablet and has the app installed on it, WhatsApp will open for conversation with your configured number. If using desktop, the visitor will be directed to WhatsApp Web to start the conversation. Regardless of the device he is using, you will receive his contacts by email, as long as you have not disabled this option, opening the form is the default behavior. This ensures that you already have some information about him when you start the conversation.

How to install the WhatsApp button on your website

Start by going to the Create Free WhatsApp Button page, there you will see a real-time button customization screen, everything you type is instantly updated for you to see how it looks. Fill in the fields with very attractive messages that encourage the visitor to contact you. Then fill in your information, your name, WhatsApp number that will receive the messages and your email to receive the contacts.

When you click on "Create Button" a code in HTML and javascript is generated with instructions for you to install on your website. Very importantly, you will receive two emails after creating the button, the first one contains the generated code and instructions for you to install it. The second is for validation of the registration that we created on our website for you, the button will only be shown on your website after you have validated your registration.

How to configure the WhatsApp Button

After installation, you can already see the button appearing on your website. But, there are other settings you can make to make the button and contact form look the way on your site. Even change what has already been configured by the button creation tool. We've created a page that explains each configuration detail.

Start by going to the Configure Free WhatsApp Button page, there you will see all the possible settings and how to modify or add them to your website.

See below also a video that we have prepared showing everything from creating the button to configuring it on your website.

Watch the video about creating and configuring the WhatsApp Button

In this video from our YouTube channel you can see the walkthrough that explains how to create it, install it on your WordPress site, see that the button is not just for WordPress, it can be installed on any site, and how to do it the settings to leave it the default for your site. If you liked it, found it relevant to you, share the video and subscribe to MVMCloud's YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, we are here to help.



As you can see, the process is very simple, we try to automate it as much as possible to make your life easier. In just a few steps, your website will have a Free WhatsApp Button to expand your communication and remarketing strategy.

Take the opportunity to take a look at MVMCloud's website, we have the best Hosting and Website Reseller services, if you are in need of an upgrade on your website we have everything you need.

Finally, I want to say that we thought about this feature to make your WhatsApp marketing strategies even more killer.

Come to MVMCloud!


1. What is the WhatsApp Button for Websites?

It's an HTML code that shows a clickable button with the WhastApp icon on your website. It allows the capture of data from the visitor and opens WhatsApp so the visitor can chat with you or your service team.

2. What is the benefit of having this button on my website?

WhatsApp is the most used instant chat app in the world. The vast majority of people have the app installed on their cell phone, the button creates a communication channel with your audience when they are visiting your website. In addition, you receive the visitor's contact details in your e-mail and can use them in your digital marketing strategy.

3. Can I customize the button?

The look of the button is fully customizable, you can create your own text and colors of the capture form and the button. You can even replace the WhatsApp image with your company logo. The behavior of the button is also customizable, you can define whether the form will appear, whether the visitor must provide the data or whether this is optional, whether you want to fill in the first and last name separately, and much more.

4. Are there additional button functions?

Yes. The button has two versions, Free and Pro, in the Pro version you can define which pages you want the button to appear on your website and also the day and time it should be shown. This allows you to only activate the button when you have someone to answer the conversation.

5. How can I get my questions answered about the button?

Just open a service ticket stating your question and we'll be happy to help you.

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