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Fast and Reliable VPS Servers

Standard VPS

from $ 6.28/month

monthly equivalent

Is your current website slow? Standard VPS is ideal if you are needing to move away from shared hosting because you need more performance.


Cloud VPS

from $ 7.85/month

monthly equivalent

Cloud VPS is designed for high performance, if your website has a lot of hits, or if you manage multiple websites for your clients, this is the ideal server.


Storage VPS

from $ 6.28/month

monthly equivalent

Storage VPS is designed for large volumes of data or backups that you don't want to keep on your current server, this is the best option. Your data is safe with the RAID system.


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Performance and Control for You

Reliable | Fast | Flexible

Let our VPS hosting exceed your expectations: maximum availability, best performance and excellent customer service. We use a solid 100 Gbps network and enterprise-class HP ProLiant hardware in our VPS servers.

Secure Storage

VPS servers are designed with data security in mind. We only use enterprise-class server hardware. Your data is hosted on a RAID-enabled disk array and is safe with us.

Really Useful Tools

You can change Name, Reverse DNS and Host Name Servers. Plus, emergency access console, OS installation and server restart. Really simple management!

Quick Activation

Just place the order and you'll be using your own VPS server in minutes. With MVMCloud you save precious time when deploying multiple servers. Boost your Linux VPS whenever you want - it's fast, so you can keep working with no downtime.

Safe and Hassle-Free

You don't have to worry about the physical server backend, our technicians monitor 24/7 and take care of all network and hardware maintenance, security and data backups. Our TIER III data center facility implements RAID arrays that protect all your data. If one array goes down, the others take the work, which means your system and server are always online.


With our servers, you get full root access, which means you can create the perfect virtual environment for your website or project. Select and install programs, applications, add-ons and software that best meet your demands and do whatever you need. As long as your activities follow the terms of service, freely create the best server for all your hosting and development needs.

Resellers are Welcome

Want to become a VPS provider and host websites for others? Then join our reseller program and get all the supplies you need at a significant discount depending on your reseller level. Create your own unique brand, customize packages and sell our services as your own with your own pricing structure. We don't require any money upfront. Contact Us.

Partnerships that guarantee quality

We carefully choose the best technology partners to deliver our services with the best quality, availability and performance. We designed our services so that you have the best infrastructure.

LiteSpeed Revendedor Autorizado

LiteSpeed Authorized Reseller

ModulesGarden Afiliado

ModulesGarden Affiliate


Plesk Panel


CloudLinux OS Products


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Acronis Authorized Reseller

Acronis Authorized Reseller

Quic CDN

Quic CDN Integrated with LiteSpeed

Looking for Faster VPS Servers?

Reliable | Fast | Flexible

Increase the efficiency of your website with more reliable and scalable features. Total control! Root access with affordable self-managed VPS hosting.



HTTP/2 Test Results

LiteSpeed Web Server is 12X faster than Nginx and 84X faster than Apache when loading WordPress.

Server Requests/Sec. MB/Sec.
LiteSpeed 69,618.50 270.38
Nginx 6,025.30 24.50
Apache 826.50 3.08

VPS Servers FAQ


The acronym stands for Virtual Private Server. Here, special virtualization technology emulates a dedicated server environment on a physical machine. While all users share the physical machine, the servers are separate and private, which means you get a dedicated amount of resources for you and work without having to share them with others. Even with the cheapest VPS hosting, users get full root access, allowing them to freely customize this virtual environment to best suit their needs.
Standard VPS and Storage VPS use reliable and stable OpenVZ hypervisor. OpenVZ virtualization provides secure, isolated containers and allows for in-place upgrade of packages and lower resource consumption. That's why the price-performance ratio is perfect. The Cloud VPS server uses KVM virtualization, which allows provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources and with quasi-physical server characteristics.
Our service offers various types of operating systems (OS) like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian.
  1. CentOS: It is a Linux operating system. It's free, enterprise-class, and supported by a large community.
  2. Fedora: It is a Linux distribution developed by the project and sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora contains the freely licensed and open source software that anyone can use, study and learn from.
  3. Ubuntu: It is a free and open source Linux distribution operating system. Ubuntu is a popular cloud computing operating system.
  4. Debian: It is a Linux operating system. Debian is most popular for personal computers and network servers. Debian is the first operating system based on the Linux kernel.
Yes, we do. All servers include a primary IPv6 address. If you need or want more PV6 addresses, they can be purchased as add-ons after server deployment.
All servers include a primary IPV4 address. If you need or want more IPv4 addresses, these can be purchased as add-ons after server deployment.
We will reduce your server port speed 10 times until the start of the new month. Don't worry, we won't charge you extra fees along with the VPS plan or suspend your services.
With shared hosting, you share space on a physical machine and all of its resources with other users. If a user has high traffic or needs more bandwidth or RAM, it will affect the performance of all other servers on the machine. Also, features and apps are limited to only those allowed by the provider. It is the cheapest type of hosting that is best for basic and static websites like blogs, personal pages and so on.

With VPS hosting, even though you share space on a physical machine, you get a set amount of resources that strictly pertain to your VPS server. Each server is separate and its performance is not dependent on the workloads of other virtual environments. It's a little more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantages of better performance, scalability, and complete control make it a perfect choice for growing websites and personal projects.

With dedicated hosting, you lease the entire physical machine strictly to you. You are responsible for managing all resources and are responsible for securing the system. This is the most expensive option of the three and is best suited for extra-large projects or large companies with large workloads.
The first is like a dedicated server inside another physical dedicated server and uses KVM virtualization. It generally allows more freedom to develop, manage and configure the VPS server. It is best suited for projects that have specific technical requirements and require high performance.

Meanwhile, Standard VPS runs with OpenVZ and shares resources with all other clients on the host node and is considered container-based virtualization. The Kernel cannot be modified and therefore the development options are more limited, this service is cheaper compared to a Cloud VPS. It is best suited for small/medium sized hosting.
The first is an OpenVZ container-based virtualization which is a suitable virtual server. It has the same features as a Cloud VPS but has some development restrictions and is limited to certain Linux distributions. It runs on the latest stable version of the Linux kernel – 3.10.0. The user shares core kernel resources and the entire system operates on the basis of containers. They are often used with software like Kubernetes, OpenStack, Docker Swarm, etc. to manage web server resources in clusters. Standard VPS is perfect for those who are on shared hosting and need a server with more performance.

Storage VPS is an OpenVZ container-based virtual server specifically designed to act as a storage solution. If you have large volumes of data or backups that you don't want to keep on the server, this is the best option. Our storage solution is hosted on RAID-enabled arrays – if one array goes down, the others keep working, making your data always accessible. We also offer full root access and a free DNS manager for easy management.
Dedicated resources. Depending on the plan, you get a set amount of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth – they are strictly yours and you can do whatever you want with them without having to share them with other users. Plus, you can easily scale your plan to meet growing resource demands.

Better performance and stability. Because each virtual server has its own resources and these environments do not overlap, each system operates to its full potential.

Full control of the virtual environment. With Full Root Access, you can implement server-wide changes or install the apps you want without having to contact the provider for permission to do so. You can easily create the perfect system for your projects.
VPS hosting is very convenient as you can change and use virtual servers for various purposes. You can:
  • Host websites;
  • Use it for cloud storage;
  • Host a VPN;
  • Develop and test code;
  • Run databases;
  • Run game servers and more.
Yes, no doubt. Our VPS plans can be updated whenever you want. Just pick an option and you can do it without any downtime.
No, you cannot increase your VPS server's individual resources. To get more CPU, RAM, storage or bandwidth, you need to upgrade your plan to one with more features, which you can do quickly and easily through the client interface, without experiencing reboots and downtime.
You can contact us directly on our website via live chat, or open a ticket with your doubt.