Anti Spam Policy

MVMCloud has created this Anti-Spam Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use , to help protect, prevent and control incidents that have long-lasting effects on the integrity of our servers. Any account that is used to send SPAM will be canceled with or without notice.

This policy is closely linked to Email Policy and you should accept it to use our Services. We have Zero Tolerance in relation to spam, we do this to prevent our IPs from being blacklisted with losses for all our customers.

Main Causes of Spam

Most email spam comes from sites that have been compromised by an attacker. Most of these incidents come from running out-of-date WordPress software, including outdated plugins and / or themes. It is the customer's responsibility to actively update and correct third-party software applications as they are released. Failure to do so can lead to a compromised website.

Sites that advertise through SPAM (Spamvertised) can not be hosted on our servers. This standard includes, but is not limited to, SPAM sent via fax, email, instant messaging or Usenet / Newsgroups. No organization or entity listed by the ROKSO may make use of our services. Any account that causes one of the IPs of our servers to be inserted into a blacklist will be immediately suspended and / or terminated.

Please, see our Email Policy for details.

Strong Passwords

Spam that does not originate from compromised sites usually stems from the fact that the user has control panel, email, and other weak/unsecured passwords. All passwords used must be generated using the password generator within the control panel. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all passwords used in the services are strong and regularly updated.

Three Stage System

To increase our email delivery rate while avoiding spam, MVMCloud has developed a three-stage system for our customers:

  1. Stage 1: First Offense - 24 hours suspension

    If Spam is detected in your account, it will be immediately suspended for 24 hours to allow our team to assess the damage to our network.

    The 24 hour suspension will be canceled as soon as we contact the account owner through our ticket system. We will provide the customer with the details that need to be given to solve the problem and put the site back online.

    Most often this includes scanning the local computer, changing all passwords, and updating third-party software in the account.

  2. Stage 2: Seconnd Offense - Professional Account Cleaning

    If Spam is detected a second time in your account, it will also be suspended immediately for 24 hours to initiate damage control.

    Once again, we will wait to suspend the suspension until we have verified that the customer has taken notice of the actions required to stop the emails being sent..

    At this time, we will recommend an "account cleaning" that can be optionally conducted by our staff for an hourly service charge.

  3. Stage 3: Account Cancellation

    Unfortunately, if the spam is detected for the third time, the account will be suspended and canceled within 48 hours.

    Customers who do not maintain good security practices in their accounts put our entire network at risk. Therefore, we can no longer work with customers who continually allow their sites to engage in illegal behavior.

    Under this Agreement, we will not be able to offer these customers a refund, but we can provide a backup of the site as it stands.


MVMCloud may change this Policy at any time, and the User is responsible for regularly checking these terms in order to verify whether or not he agrees with the changes made and if he intends to continue accessing the site.