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The MVMCloud Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission of 25% up to 50% on the payment of your referrals. As long as they are customers you get your commission. Register now and activate your affiliation in the Affiliates menu. It's fast and FREE.

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01. Advertise as You Want

Find out how it works

Advertise any page on the MVMCloud website with your unique affiliate code. All visitor registrations on this link will be assigned to you.

See our Affiliate Program Terms.

Make your registration

Sign Up

Register and ask for approval in the MVMCloud affiliate program. Upon approval you will receive a unique affiliate code.

Affiliate advertisement


MVMCloud offers you banners, links, support materials and landing pages so you can advertise easily and quickly.

Affiliate analysis


In order for the referral to be approved and become a commission, the client must be new to MVMCloud and have an active account for at least 3 months.



When you get $ 50.00 or more approved, you can request payment. Increase to 50% with new indications approved in the month.

02. Our Benefits

Why is it good to be our affiliate?

Our campaigns are more profitable, you have several resources at your disposal that facilitate your ads, and you can earn up to 50% every month on your referrals purchases.

See our Affiliate Program Terms.

Sign up for free

Registration is completely free, with no hidden costs. If you are in compliance with the Affiliate Program Terms you will receive your exclusive affiliate link.

No need to be a customer

There is no need for you to be an MVMCloud customer to be an affiliate. You will have access to your affiliate area to check your commissions.

Progressive Commissions

The more referrals you make, the higher your commission will be. You start with 25% and can reach 50% commission. Just keep indicating.

Many Features and Offers

You have access to several resources that facilitate your ads, such as banners, landing pages, links, support material, etc. New indication notices.

Payment of Commissions

Payments are made, preferably, via bank transfer. The money is available in your account on the same day that the payment is released.

Affiliate Service Team

At MVMCloud you have a team dedicated to your service, to answer your questions and advise on the best advertising strategy.

03. Be Our Affiliate

Start Now!

Be an affiliate and start earning. Registration is easy and takes just a few minutes.

10. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Who can apply to be an affiliate?

Our affiliate program is exclusive for companies that have a valid and active CNPJ (Brazilian Tax Number). To be approved as an affiliate, you must have your own website, or page on a social network, active and with published content.

Websites with certain content are not allowed, see our Affiliate Program Terms for more information.

We will do a manual analysis of each affiliation request and provide a response within 7 business days.

What are the rules for a referral to be approved?

The purchase must be generated from the affiliate link, represent a new customer for MVMCloud who has purchased an eligible service and remained for at least 3 months with the active account.

Referrals made without an affiliate code are not registered and do not generate commission. Purchases from MVMCloud customers with payment pending or canceled will have the commission disapproved.

Purchases that have chargeback payments or that are questioned by the payment method also cancel the related commissions.

How does MVMCloud know who buys by my referral?

When you register to be an affiliate, you receive an exclusive affiliate code and links prepared with this code. When the user clicks on one of these links, which you advertise on a website, for example, he is directed to one of the pages of the MVMCloud website and a cookie is stored on his computer. This cookie is stored for 3 months, if the user makes a purchase within this period, the sale is recognized to the affiliate through the cookie.

If the user clears cookies from his computer before making the purchase, or makes the purchase after the 3-month period, the commission will not be recognized for the affiliate because the cookie does not exist.

How does commission payment work?

Each referred customer must have a minimum of three invoices paid for the affiliate to be entitled to receive the commission for purchases. When the affiliate reaches a minimum of $ 50.00 of approved commissions, he can ask MVMCloud for payment, stating whether you want to receive cash or credits in your affiliate account. The MVMCloud team will request the issuance of an invoice to pay the commission.

How much does the affiliate earn by referral?

For each referral approved by MVMCloud, the affiliate earns 25% to 50% commission on the purchase amount. The exact percentage will depend on how many new nominations were approved in the month of payment. See the commissioning table in our Affiliate Program Terms for more information.

So, the more you indicate more your commission will increase.

How long does the affiliate continue to receive commission?

MVMCloud seeks and encourages a partnership with its affiliates. As long as the indicated user is an MVMCloud customer, and is in compliance with his payments, the affiliate continues to receive his commission. The commission payment will only be terminated if the customer cancels the service, or the affiliate breaches the Affiliate Program Terms.

How can I get my questions answered?

Every affiliate is supported by the MVMCloud Affiliate Service Team. Any questions you have can be sent through your Affiliate Area and we will be happy to assist you.