6 Steps To Start Your Online Business | 6 Steps To Start Your Online

6 Steps To Start Your Online Business

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6 steps to start your online business

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Your Onlie Business

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In this e-book, steps are shown for you to create your own profitable internet business. It is a practical guide for you to know and solidify the concepts about digital marketing, but not just concepts, it explains how you should perform each step to increase your chance of achieving the desired result.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has always been about connecting with your target audience in the right place at the right time. Today, that means you need to find them where they're already spending time: on the Internet.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising approach in which a company pays third parties (eg bloggers, digital influencers, etc.) to promote and sell their products and services.

Target audience and persona

Target audience is the set of people you want to target your message, your communication. The more you are able to identify the characteristics and needs of this audience, the greater your chance of creating an efficient relationship and effective communication with them.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a representation for you to understand how close your leads are to making a purchase with your company. It has 3 steps, top, middle and bottom, each step represents a stage of understanding your lead about your product or service.

Paid and Organic Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important issues for your business, without visitors to your site you don't have business. Therefore, after building your website, you must turn your attention to how to get visitors so that you can achieve the expected result.

How to define the target audience

The first question you must answer is who is your target audience? Answering this question correctly will save you from wasting time, maybe years of work, and rivers of money trying to sell to the wrong audience.

How to attract traffic to your website?

Using a combination of paid, organic traffic and well-crafted copywriting, you can increase the volume of visits to your website and show your visitors the benefits your product or service has to meet their needs.

Delight the customer and grow

Have a system that is able to measure your customer satisfaction before you start growing and selling everywhere, and you end up sacrificing your customer satisfaction in the process. See how to do this.

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